Future Kingston Joins YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard) Organization!

For Immediate Release 
Thursday July 28, 2016  
Future Kingston Joins “YIMBY” Organization!

Future Kingston has recently joined the YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard) Organization and is now listed on their website www.yimbytown.com.  “YIMBY’s from all over North America, and as from as far away as Australia, converged on Boulder, Colorado this June to learn and create connections in support of abundant housing and sustainable infill in growing cities. The gathering was a success and has helped propel the YIMBY movement.”

The YIMBY Movement is also starting to take off in Vancouver and Toronto. Both cities have created organizations tasked with furthering the conversation regarding residential intensification and affordable housing needs. Both groups have active Twitter pages, Abundant Housing YVR and YIMBYtoronto.

Future Kingston has reached out to these groups in Vancouver and Toronto in the hopes of sharing ideas and strategies, and to learn from each other.

uture Kingston is a community group made up of people who believe in a progressive, authentic, living, and changing Kingston. Our current focus is the further the discussion regarding the benefits of residential intensification downtown, and other key areas where infrastructure is already in place.


For more information please visit www.futurekingston.com and follow us on Twitter and Facebook or contact Future Kingston Co-Chairs:

Melody Knott


613-546-2266 ext 300

James Ward



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